Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


How Do I Request Free Supplies for My Next Neighborhood Clean Up?

Call our office at 334.625.2175

How Do We Request the Talking Tree or Professor Environmental to Speak at My School?

Call Education Coordinator Cynthia Jancaterino at 334.625.2175

How Can our Group Organize a Community Clean-Up Event?

Click HERE for a How To Guide, or Call our office at 334.625.2175

What Supplies Do You Offer Neighborhoods for Clean-Up Projects?

We offer trash bags, gloves, and can produce flyers. We also have a limited number of yard supplies such as shovels, rakes and lawn equipment that can be borrowed ahead of time. 

How Do I Report Large Amounts of Litter or Illegal Dumping?

This is handled by City crews, Call 311 (334.240.4636)

How Do I Report Overgrown Grass or Eyesores?

This is handled by the City's Inspections Department, Call 311 (334.240.4636)

 Where Does the New Litter Initiative Cover?

The new initiative covers portions of Taylor Road, Troy Highway, and the Boulevards.
Click HERE to find out more and view the list of routes. 



For additional questions give us a call: 334.625.2175