Leaders Against Litter (LAL) will be an annual city wide MCCC event that showcases our community leaders and elected officials “leading the way” in our charge against litter. This initiative raises awareness about how Montgomery’s pervasive litter problem affects our community by inviting leaders to observe the problem first-hand by cleaning up a local roadway and educating participants about the direct and indirect costs and damage caused by litter. We ask all leaders to make a public commitment by pledging to SPEAK UP, PICK UP, and STAND UP for a litter-free Montgomery.

Grown out of an idea presented by Keep Louisiana Beautiful, MCCC is introducing their inaguaral LAL in 2018. 

This event was a huge success, but we placed it on hold while our organization updates some of our educational programs.

lal pledge.JPG


Find out how you can take the Pledge and become a leader by contacting us today!

Thank you to our 2018 LAL's: 
Jannah Bailey, Executive Director, Child Protect
Daryl Bailey, District Attorney, Montgomery County
Anthony Brock, Head of School, Valiant Cross
Mark Bullock, Anchor, WSFA
Whitney Griswold Califf, Development Director, CACF
Justin Hampton, Executive Director, Common Ground
Beverly D. Hill, Instructional Systems Specialist, Maxwell AFB
Tracy Larkin, Councilman District 3, City of Montgomery
Isaiah Sankey, County Commissioner District 4, Montgomery County
Adam Schrott, Executive Director, Downtown YMCA
Doug Singleton, County Commissioner District 5, Montgomery County
Carl Stockton, Chancellor, AUM
Christopher Turner, Asst. Director of Elections, Montgomery Election Center