September 2017-October 2018
Total Miles Covered: 933.40
 Total Tons Collected: 66.55
Total Bags Collected: 14,014

Tonnage Collected

2,000 pounds = 1 ton

Bags Collected

Miles Driven

In September of 2016 Montgomery Clean City Commission partnered with the City of Montgomery to start the Litter Initiative Program.  A team of 6 inmates from Red Eagle Work Center led by an MCCC employee work 4 routes throughout the city, collecting litter, Monday through Friday. As of the end of 2018, MCCC has expanded the program to 6 inmates.

Route 1: Taylor Rd at I-85 to Taylor Rd and Troy Hwy, Troy Hwy to Eastern Blvd, Eastern Blvd to I-85.
Route 2: Northern Blvd at I-65 to Northern Blvd and I-85.
Route 3: Atlanta Hwy at Ann St. to Atlanta Hwy and I-85.
Route 4: I-65 at Maxwell Blvd to Birmingham Hwy, to Western Blvd and I-65.

* Inmates are not allowed to work in neighborhoods or near schools.