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Packed To A.C.T
(All Cleaning Together)

MCCC takes on school clean-up program

What: Join us for our new school clean-up program, Packed To ACT (All Cleaning Together), as we tackle helping schools in need. 
This is a 3 PHASE project that will consist of mural painting, indoor painting, and outdoor landscaping. None of which we would be able to accomplish without A LOT of volunteer assistance. Gather your friends, family, and coworkers and sign up for this event!

PHASE 1: Mural Painting, June 23
Good news: you do not need to be an artist to join. This is a “paint-by-number” style project, and you’ll only need to paint in between the lines. Anyone can do it. We are setting an age minimum of 12, under 16 requires you be accompanied by an adult.
To sign up for this event, Click HERE

PHASE 2: Indoor Painting, July 21
We are going to be working on indoor painting projects with 5 different MPS schools. These schools need a lot of help, so we are looking for a lot of volunteers. Great opportunity for a group of friends, coworkers, family, etc. We are setting an age minimum of 16 since we are needing individuals who can quickly pick up a paint brush and pay attention to detail.

 -To sign up for Bear Exploration Center, Click HERE
 -To sign up for Forest Ave. Magnet, Click HERE
 -To sign up for Highland Gardens Elem., Click HERE
 -To sign up for Morningview Elementary, Click HERE
 -To sign up for Lanier High School, Click HERE

PHASE 3: Outdoor Landscaping, between July 23- August 3
A great opportunity for team building within your company, choose from 1 of 23 schools to adopt and head out during a date/time that works best for your group, between this 2 week period. We will provide the pine straw and gloves. We ask that you bring along any extra yard tools that you have access to.
To sign your group up for this please contact our office directly: 334.625.2175