Let us introduce you to the Talking Tree and Professor Environmental.

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Invite the Talking Tree into your classroom and your students are sure to notice. Trees help keep the environment clean and so can Montgomery's young citizens. Once students get enthusiastic about keeping their world clean and green exciting things can happen.
Designed for K through 2nd grade.

Contact Cynthia Jancaterino today to schedule a Talking Tree appearance: or 334.625.2175


Using fun facts and thought provoking questions Professor Environmental gets students thinking about their impact on the environment. Whether through efforts to "reduce, reuse, recycle," litter prevention, or protecting stormwater, the Professor reveals ways students can positively impact their environment through the choices they make daily. 
Designed for 3rd through 5th grade. 

Contact Cynthia Jancaterino today to schedule a Professor Environmental appearance: or 334.625.2175



If your organization or club is looking to expand their knowledge on environmental issues and resources in Montgomery, and would like to bring MCCC out for a speaking engagement, contact Cynthia Jancaterino today! or 334.625.2175